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Giving thanks...

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This hasn’t been too much for me to write mostly because I’ve been ill, both recovering and getting a sinus virus, that makes me quite cranky which I’m not in the mood to write. Now that I’m recovering, I’m in a slight writing mode.

Thanksgiving is another a week away, and I have had many thanksgiving celebrations mostly abroad or in another state. In truth as the last two months approaches and a new year begins this celebration won’t be that much different. Although I’m abroad once again, I do want to express my thanks for the following people in my life:

I express my love for my parents who gradually accepted my crazy choices in my life. I know I’ve made wild choices and taken twisted turns, but they were always there for me even when I would not ask directly for their guidance. Mom and Dad, my thanks to you for bringing me into this world and I finally had find whilst continuing nurturing my purpose within my life.

To my sister and brother (in that order) for somewhat understanding my lifestyle, and although they still don’t understand … they sort of respect what I do. Thanks for your sibling love.

To my FL friends who have stayed in touch, I appreciate every little short note email message you sent and encouraged me to continue to send my blog updates for my writings weren’t done in vain. I appreciate your honesty in explaining your reasons for your delayed replies. Thank you that mean more to me than not receiving an email at all.

To my FL co-writer and known fame comic book author from my childhood… as many times you keep referring me as your ex-wife with my sometimes ‘nagging’ ways, I gratefully appreciate your patience, truly I have to say thanks!

To my now CA GF who has gotten acting roles with great effort and determination… many congrats! We both had a dream in doing what we want to do in our lives and we are living our reality! I truly hope to see you soon!

To the art schools and staff in Sarasota, I may have driven many miles, well, a good 45-50 minute drive from St Petersburg, to sometimes do one sitting but genuinely appreciate offering my assistance in an emergency.

To my one FL GF who has returned to MA in which I hope you receive this email … I’m grateful that we met, I too hope to visit you too.

To my CA virtual guy friend whom I’ve never met or actually spoken to, but we’ve stayed in touch by IM (mostly)… we’ve shared many humorous and an unusual moments of being single again… thanks for every virtual hug you sent!

To my new and current Chinese teachers, friends, and students, nice to know that this world is not so small and together we can make a difference in this world.

To my ‘foreign’ teachers from India, TX and South Africa for the humor, lending an ear, and just being good friends with a real sense of being you.

Trust all will have a wonderful thanksgiving dinner….

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Slightly late I know....

... but then again, ... Internet was out for 4 days...

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Ok, as promised, posted are the Halloween celebrations experienced at Guangya School, Sichuan. The children's fun was taken place on campus whilst the adults were out in town for the weekend, taking a breather from students!

These are my assigned primary students, quite a handful... all of them!

Keep in mind, us adults like to have fun too :) especially whenever possible.

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Celebrating Halloween

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Halloween finally here!!!

This is my film demo reel I produced whilst in China... Enjoy!!!

Will post pics from the Chinese children Halloween celebration as well as the adults party!!

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Halloween in China

... also another scare whilst on campus....

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Hello, everyone and Happy Halloween!!!

Well, yes, Halloween is next Saturday, but since school week ends the Friday before Halloween, who says you can’t celebrate early? As far as I know, Guangya School is the only school which does celebrate selected US Holidays – mostly, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween and Christmas… I’m not certain in regards to Thanksgiving, since this is my first here… we shall see.

Nevertheless, after National Day for China’s 60th celebration, lots of additional changes been taking place at the school and staff. The atmosphere between staff and administration hasn’t improved.

The school now laid tiled drive way and with the newly installed electric gate, anyone who returns to the school after 10pm is required to pay 2RMB for re-entry, and after midnight payment is 5RMB.

One teacher told me he was fined for being late for class, he claims he wasn’t, and deducted payment from his pay. Now he is required to have monitor time sheet signed every time he arrives to classroom by Chinese teacher assistant. This same teacher then asked me if I was ever late for class. Naturally, I told him no, I’m always waiting at the door before class begins, meaning some Chinese teachers keep their students longer after bell has rung… so I’m waiting for moment to enter the room, in which I prepare my lessons and papers during recess so when students return to class, I’m ready to begin…

Ok, so I’m anal and punctual…

With the ever increasing tension at the school, I’m glad to say that I’m departing by next year to another location. Not saying that the grass is greener, but the educational institute is organized and a training center, NOT an academic school … and the only subject taught is English, reading, writing and speaking.

Anyway, on a brighter note, I do have plans to take photos on Halloween Eve of my students who are winners for the month and celebrating the weekend. As soon as I post, I’ll email you to links for viewing.

Also, conducting and control of the classes has improved, not enormously, but a reasonable amount which students do want to do well. I had adopted an award plan for the students who participate in the first 5 minutes of lesson, so they get one sticker a week and I tally their behavior in case of a tie. Only the top three are rewarded a month prize, the few runner-ups a small pastry and remaining students who didn’t get anything a small candy of sorts.

I’m surviving and I’m managing to remain sane… LOL!! Learning to prepare my own meals more since cafeteria staff continues to provide minimal portions for me. Right now, I’m eating my steamed rice and roast duck, and for a non-domesticated gal who doesn’t like cooking, I utilize my rice cooker / steamer to its full potential … and, yes, my meal is rather tasty.

Oh, as for the roast duck… no, I didn’t prepare, that was bought as such, I just steamed…

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Non-marketable photos put to good use

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As a stock photographer, I do my best in capturing the best photo to sell, but even the best photo isn't good enough. According the microstock sties, the images have to be 'marketable'.

Although family and friends have and will always be my number one fans, their glorified comments mean nothing to the microstock sites... not 'marketable' pics are normally rejected.

I usually don't have the heart to 'permanently' erase a photo which *I* believe 'tells a story'. So I keep the rejects on a DVD as data files and create artistic imagery... for whatever...

Then an idea finally occurred to me: those 'inspirational quotation' PPT slides or flash movies I receive as attachments (yes, those emails everyone must share and reply or else.... Internet legends ... sheesh!) I can do the same with MY photos. What great way of getting my photographs noticed even more ... right here on the World Wide Web.

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