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I received a regular email newsletter from an ESL site and usually, I glance over the commentary one written by a "ESL School Author" and due to a nagging cough, tis reason why I am awaken at this ungodly hour of the morning, I read one of her articles 'Casualties of international English, February 28, 2009' ... several months old, however, most of those who commented was from this past summer.

Nevertheless, one of the comments simply infuriated my street level of intelligence and I decided to write a comment of my own. This is what I wrote:

"First off, I AM NOT a academic, certified teacher, and second, YES, I AM a certified TESOL instructor with a BA in Humanities. Quoting the last sentences from Bob T. : "the problem is to get the non-professional teachers out of the teaching business, and make it mandatory that only professionally trained teachers teach in classrooms. It is not the learners fault that bad teachers did not teach them correctly." All I have to say is "Get off your high horse and stop being a blasted snob!"

My mother who is a retired teacher of 30yrs will also disagree with your statement and she has Masters Degree PLUS was a highly respected academic teacher. However, her methods of teaching is not just from books but from a person who believes of being firm NOT strict in aiding students to learn.

I've been teaching since February 2009 but I have also experiences many international travels and cultures which I implement within my ESL lessons. I do not require a PhD in giving lessons in learning how to speak English, but the patience and understanding with most of all COMMON SENSE!

My ESL lessons involve that speaking English is the art of LISTENING to tone inflection, HOW the phrasal verb is used, ACTUALITY or FIGURATIVELY, use of PANTOMIMING (do not just simply give up because student still doesn't understand), most importantly BODY LANGUAGE (useful in the Business World). Put all that together with life lessons and my students now have a better understanding WHAT, HOW and WHEN to say those overly use of American Idioms both socially and occupation.

I am not a born US native, but from a former British colony in which my parents immigrated to America. So my first language was Queen's English, and I faced the horrors of HOW American teachers always thought their way of teaching toward any subject, including speaking English as GOD-GIVEN TRUTH and CORRECT, given me much reason NOT to speak. My ESL lessons involve PASSION, and I truly understand how these students feel when learning from AN ACADEMIC, PROFESSIONAL teacher who only learned from a book how to present lessons but never performed in actual practice, and demands that he/she is always right for the book claims so... any student would feel quite inferior."

So, after writing my thoughts on Bob's comment, I submit to Post and automatically response with a polite "Thank you for your Comment" with "Your comment has been received. To protect against malicious comments, I have enabled a feature that allows your comments to be held for approval the first time you post a comment. I'll approve your comment when convenient; there is no need to re-post your comment."

People simply detest facing truth ... I'll update on status.

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Internet hell

... when all goes well, then suddenly...

rain 25 °C

Everything technologically was fine till the Internet suddenly was no longer on its best behavior, by this past Wednesday of my return, life has been crazy attempting means getting hooked up and connected... not only that, with great pains of handling my returned allergies... oh, the agony!!!

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Back to routine.. adjustments, typhoons...

rain 22 °C

Been back to Sichuan for 2 days and good grief, re-establishing myself into my flat taken a day and half! You know the normal routine: laundry, cleaning (which involved lots of dusting), grocery shopping... (yep, no provisions, had to replenish), reacquaint myself with Dujiangyan downtown ... etc...

Nice to finally lay on a MORE comfortable mattress... I had such pains - literally - with the ones provided for me in Jinan. At least here, the mattress is six inches thick rather than one to no inches... base board truly isn't comfortable. Bought enough provisions till end of month for school does offer 3 meals here... back to that.. LOL!! I'm planning a diet of maintaining my weight, really don't require any gaining unnecessarily.

Reunited with familiar friends here, certain teachers had left and school has no replacements ... so far, was inquired if I had an interest in teaching the IB college students. Hey, sure, why not? More notches of experience to put onto my CV. I'm all for that.

Also, since my return, I've been receiving emails regarding Typhoons. In truth, haven't seen any... well, not entirely true... in Jinan, the weather has been rather hazy and lots of overcast, and city had experienced (3 days before I flew) a bucket of rainfall which lasted one hour then stopped.

Well, went for breakfast and one of the cafeteria ladies recognized me and given my usual (very small) portions for breakfast. Had to laugh.. what a nice welcome back.

Drizzling rain today... hmmmm, is there a storm coming???

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Btw, did you know....?

not only a traveller but a film writer too...

21 °C

... yours truly with a co-scriptwriting partner have completed a feature length film script and seeking an out-of-the-box thinking production company interested of getting our script onto the big screen... we like to hear your thoughts!

Production can happen anywhere!!

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Warm goodbyes, and 'becoming of age' connections

Becoming a 21st Century "Mark Thackeray" from classic film "To Sir, with Love" (1967)

semi-overcast 23 °C


Yesterday was my last day with Jinan IELTS Training School, and certain students who were truly interested in learning had plenty questions of me as well. They were amazed by my many international travels and 'survived' the language barrier, then they earnestly developed a spark in doing the same.

As I explained, the impact of my influence might result of my ability of connecting and expressing my passion for life and in events I firmly believe. If they choose in following their dreams, then they should. "You are the future, make a difference," I told them. That day I expressed my passions more directly by reflecting on what inspires me. Traveling abroad is my way of learning and appreciating other cultures, knowing that we are more alike in how we live our lives with a slight difference of cultural habits.

"Be an open book," I said, "allow yourself to become an open sponge. The more you want to learn, the more you appreciate your life, yourself, and others."

I certainly didn't want to sound as though I was preaching, but changing my occupation as a teacher has allowed me to freely express what I believe in: freedom of one's mentality to expand to unlimited horizons. Almost sounds poetic...

I've learned from my endurance (finally and now till forever) that by understanding what inspires me allows me to live truthfully and in a way that motivates those around me. Becoming aware what fuels my soul allows me access to an unlimited source of energy, which positively affects almost everyone I encounter.

Those students who felt an influence as to what I was sharing, we exchanged email addresses (ironically, years ago that would've been mailing addresses...LOL)

"I may not be rich with money, but I'm certainly ENrich with myself. My greatest reward is knowing that you understand and apply what you've learned from your life lessons. I'm only a guide, the rest is in your hands to find your path."

Who would have thought this former shy nobody, later into becoming a former US Army sergeant, to now has become a teacher to teenagers (omigosh!!) I had the most wonderful experience! Thanks to Headmaster of IELTS for accepting me for the summer, and my Jinan colleague who introduced me to the school.

I'm really going to miss those kids!

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