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Blank expressions

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ok... little tired from challenging college entry students, some responsive others not, but knew how to be polite in turning tables around, as they say. I was mimicking how I see them staring at me of blank looks to not paying attention.

Two students, in second front row, laughed. I inquired what was so funny, they didn't want to say... so I told the one male student who understood me more, that he wasn't laughing at me, actually he was laughing at himself. For I all I'm doing is showing them the non-responsive expressions I see from students... he can laugh all he wants, because he is making laughing at his own mishap. His face as well as, his row classmate, hers went sour for they understood what I was saying was true.

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Break from summer camp ... slightly...

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well, this evening, I'm returning to downtown Jinan to teach college freshman students an English class... so after my two classes and indoor activities at summer camp, I'm in a taxi returning to town and prepare for tomorrow morning...

I can say that I'll have connected internet with convenience of my own space rather always depending on the school's connection and computer system... hmmm, with the lack of - certain 'things' - I noticed the quality of my photographic images are not that fantastic. I know I can take great photos... but my ambition is on a detour, do require another camera, more advanced and I have more control. I really do miss taking great photos...

Just keep in mind, my images are mostly candid and NOT the standardized stock images, more of photo journalism which I am now deciding to create a photo journalistic book with captions and images.. not worry about this and that about what makes a sellable photo. I know there are bad photos and there are REALLY BAD shots. I depict story telling or capturing the moment.

ok, just to say, that some might see me and probably not, depending how much time tonight I have online before retiring for evening... I will update as soon upon have given opportunity.

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10 Days at Summer Camp, Day 6

rain 21 °C

Met with my students, confronted mass confusion in regards to which classroom for what class although already informed... but nevertheless, all worked out.

My first level of students slightly advanced total of 6 whilst lower level 11. As usual, more students usually means more social talking. Ironically, they are learning how to say certain expressions but not instructed in how or when to use in proper content. Hmmm....

Other than that, at this moment I'm writing on a whim ... for I am tired and tonight, watch film with students and transfer photos from last night activities... sort of writer's block and my charming wit is dry as a well, despite the rain outside.

I do want to share that my experience with these children are fun and extremely challenging. Of course, that means I learn of myself of each day... as for example this past Saturday, of mass confusion. I was assigned to teach summer camp, but my colleague had forgotten that I had last class with Oral English class which meant I had to take taxi back to Downtown Jinan and return same evening to meet with students. Also learned that same afternoon, that next week before end of summer camp, I am teaching 2 more classes in Jinan, then finish summer camp by 23rd July.

Luckily, I remained 'cool and collected' and used my frustration as an example importance to understand when speaking to each other in any language. Listening and hearing very useful methods of perfect communication. Just know that I didn't express my angry, rather focused in using that energy into my teaching and all was pleasant,

However, I did express my concerns ... but all spoken in jest... which made the situation more amusing. Language difference has moments in which I am learning everyday and greatly appreciate ability of enhancing my knowledge.

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10 Days at Summer Camp, Day 4 & 5


In a nutshell, lots of preparation and testing of students in determining their level of spoken English... also, no orchestra of crickets or frogs, rain approaches ...

... the noise from bathroom I now learned is the pumping of turned on water... after my morning walk, I wanted immediate shower, no water till exactly 0630... with great attempt I started yoga breathing, then the continuing leaking sink which was accompanied by other plumbing issues then induced the smell...

trust me, I'm ready to scream.. Inhale, exhale... life is grand, appreciation of haves and have nots, right now at that time, I truly want a worthy night sleep...

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10 Days at Summer Camp, Day 3


Day 4, 10 July 09, Friday
This morning, my bathroom made the most unusual noises whilst I wasn't in there. I dare not look at my mobile to check time, but I did and OMIGOSH! 0230 in the dark morning!! in other cases, this wouldn't have bothered me, but I wanted sleep... because my back was killing me. So, I did a few muscle exercises to loosen the tension which relaxed me enough to return to slumber.

Almost five o'clock, both nature noise and gurgling bathroom fought for a standing ovation in which both won... I ensured to take my 'calming' vitamin with my breakfast. Must remember to remain pleasant as possible, despite my agonizing lack of restful sleep. Did my morning stretch, and hand-washed my laundry.., just waiting another hour before breakfast at dining hall. At this point, I will pack my laptop and I'll quietly wait whilst cross stitching till time for school's breakfast.

All my lessons are prepared and I'm just killing time being on the internet. Answered a few emails and now I'm just waiting... well, I can fix my photos for posting... till then....

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