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A writer friend emailed "Sounds like China agrees with you"... whilst in the Army, Germany also agreed with me. I am usually comfortable overseas, truly never felt that much at ease whilst in the States.

My blog is here for anyone with interest or those who are curious, and purpose of my blog is that I don't repeat what I just wrote after someone decides to write 3 weeks later and ask 'what's happening'... kinda get my drift?

Actually, I thought about the Peace Corps when I was in high school because no Armed Forces recruiter taken me seriously as military material. No joke, they overlooked me when they visited and went straight for the jocks, test A students, etc. etc... I was the shy quiet one, the invisible ghost who love to express her world in words. Ironic, eh? Served 7yrs in US Army, made Sergeant and traveled overseas.

Years later, now and then I also noticed about Teaching Overseas after my divorce, but never taken the nerve because I was in a search in feeling complete which I thought being involved ... that too turned out to be another page burned. Too many men were interested only on the surface and wanted change once together, go figure. I'm like... hey, dude, you like my independent attitude whilst dating, now you don't like because why, You are not a part? then get involved! UGH!!!

Now, that I'm free with wings to soar the skies... I can do all that I've wanted to do. Not saying that I miss companionship, for I do, but I am not craving desperately ... huge difference. I like reaching to those who want to be reached, frustrating when I sometimes think I can reach everyone...LOL! Usually an ego issue I can admit without feeling that offended.

Maybe all my blogs can make a book, i'll have to keep copy ... find a publisher...LOL! actually, I miss writing, but my blogs are my outlet toward writing... I'm the entity who was left on Earth and is trying to find her way home.

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...boldly go where no woman has gone before...


I've been traveling since I was 2yrs old, and I suppose the traveling bug has been with me ever since. Of course, when one thinks of a traveler of a guy usually, venturing to strange exotic places a woman wouldn't dare. I beg to differ...

Although, there have been places I haven't been, and there are places I know a guy wouldn't think twice of visiting... I most certainly have had my share of stinky smells and nasty ... yuckiness... LOL!

One of my fellow TESOL student / teacher from Florida had made the nicest comments: "You know what, I admire you so much, while many women are spending time and energy looking for a man to share their time with, you are focusing on interesting places and people, growing continuously, I mean your spirit, your knowledge, your experience; things we cannot get just paying and it is only due to your determination and courage. I will be always wishing you the best, whenever I remember you."

Yeah, she gives me credit being a strong woman...I've met guys who admire my traveling, but then inquiry if I plans of stopping...why? I would think he would join me... HA! Get a life, buddy, life is too short to look over the fence of your small backyard.

A free spirit is not meant to be tied down, but to share and experience how I see the world in which there might be a connection in which my path finally crossed with another ... I don't look for brief encounters, my journey is a long way and I don't plan in slowing down just yet...

All I can simply say is .... Keep up...

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Summer arriving, ready to teach summer school

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Most of the American and other Foreign Teachers are leaving for the summer and returning to their home countries to visit patiently awaiting families and visit friends. I only arrived to China this past February, so I really don't miss too much of home and I've in touch with my parents (via chat and email) since I settled in Sichuan.

There is too much to see whilst here, especially on a second visit, so I sought for a summer teaching job in another province. I posted my CV and connected with a virtual friend of mine, her name is Sally and she is a recruiter in search of English speaking teachers. We virtually introduced ourselves whilst I was still in Florida. We remained in touch since my arrival to China. Now she is helping me find a school seeking Summer Teachers to teach English...

I already emailed Sally my details of availability this morning, now all is I have to do is wait for her reply when she gets in office.

Btw, weather this morning is absolutely FAB!

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Feeling comfortably lost


Last week, I was feeling rather ... blah... my virtual Chinese friend, typed her inquiry, What do you mean 'blah'? I chuckled of her innocence toward the English language, even I still have confusion with newly developed definitions and redefining old ones. I typed my reply that I’m feeling sad, unhappy.

I had attempt in making contact with someone I knew from my past who slightly re-entered only briefly before I flew for China. However, after a few failed Internet connections and fact he didn’t even try to send an email… my mood went blank.
Saturday morning, I decided to drown myself among the locas whilst walking into town and went off my normal route and walked into more residual, rural areas. Pink Floyd sang that he was ‘comfortably numb’ from his experience, personally I prefer into becoming ‘comfortably lost’… that early Saturday morning, I walked from 0800-1200 (taken bus ride back) and really felt at home.

Chinese people are really no different from American people, probably the only observation which I don’t like is the spitting… yuck! Nevertheless, Chinese people experience same situations as Americans: have ambition, emotions, goals, families to raise, jobs at the office or factor, traffic to tolerate, trying to make a living… really, how different are the People of China compared to Americans?

One might answer, the language barrier, in truth there is no such problem…in every culture we just communicate differently, and our goal is learn the country’s language in order to be understood. Not a barrier, a minor detour toward a better of achievement.

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