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Maintaining Optimistic into 2010

School Christmas Revue & Saying Farewell to 2009

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As I write this passage, date stamped China time 20 December, Sunday Evening, which is exactly 5 more days before Christmas Day, then another six more days before the New Year.

This year certainly has been a challenge, but as I mentioned to a colleague, one can either appreciate the hardship as a positive way of improving one's approach toward teaching or be completely ignorant. Naturally, I chosen the latter in which I've become enlightened and already proceeded in developing new ideas for my new school location.

First video I share with my viewers and family & friends is a School Christmas Revue produced (literally) by Andrew Delo and performed by his IB Students. There were more performances, but as assigned usher, my standing location prohibited me from taking better video or photos of the dances - 11 in total. I was lucky to capture whatever artistically possible.

I do commend Andrew for his 'frustrating patience' and choreographing Chinese students to dance a musical was a feat in its own right. Hat's off!

Second video is my expression of how I taken resilience to my advantage, and I'm continuing to move forward ... straight into 2010. I'm sharing my experiences of my first year in China and to say, "Believe in your dreams, for only you can make that change into a reality." Sometimes a leap a faith into the unknown is the only way to know what is meant for you. Trust me, I've been doing just that for a long time, my journey is still ongoing... I haven't stopped yet.

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Getting hired...

the hiring process in China vs US

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The economy has not been kind this year and many people are search for employment. Most US applicants rely on their well tailored, expensive detailed CVs which are being compared with other well qualified applicants, competition is tough.

US interviewers are somewhat particular, but not as particular as in China. I received an article via email about their hiring process for flight attendants.


I sent the link to friends & families, I received the most unusual replies.

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November comes to a close...

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Doing my darnest in posting November's events, but as we know as the end of the year approaches, everything happens quickly. Not sure if most of you know the news, but Dujiangyan, Sichuan, had experienced a short earthquake in which our building (white building) shook loudly violently, also enough that awaken everyone on campus (for those of us who remained on campus for the weekend).

Scary indeed, most of us, who is experiencing Dujianygan's first aftermath earthquake is ... yes ... makes us quite uneasy. Nevertheless with faith and positive thinking we do hope the tremors will pass and stay gone.

Friday Guangya School primary and middle school students perform their selected fairy tales and recited their lines in English. Their innocence of speaking the English language is so wonderful and delightful.

Also, on Saturday the Foreign teachers gathered and participated in doing a Thanksgiving Potluck meal which was a great turn out. Re-editing video... on it's way...

Then on Sunday, I celebrated a non-tradition meal Chinese style with other Foreigners (not from America)... sorry, no video. Our meal was very basic and simple and quite delicious.

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Guangya School's Version of Olympics

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Although China doesn't really celebrate Thanksgiving, this particular private school does honor Foreign Teachers' (mostly those from US) common holidays. However, in honor of Thanksgiving, us Foreign teachers were tasked to introduce the meaning of Thanksgiving to the students with vocabulary and history background. Since my students are much younger, I created lesson plans with coloring sheets and introduction of traditional dinner food vocabulary.

Guangya School also held a mini Winter Olympics for primary and middle school students and, the first day 19 November was REALLY cold and wet, BRRRRRR!!! Nevertheless, the events were fun and the students were having fun and quite enthusiastic whilst competing. By the 2nd day, the weather slightly warmed, clear bright skies with sun, but still had the cold breeze but not as piercing as Thursday... actually, quite comfortable.

I have to admit, I have most fun with my students when they are being themselves, being kids... Enjoy the video! One small note, majority of photos of those are with my students, sadly, I don't know & didn't place everyone's name because those particular students do not talk as much in class as I would like, so yes, you'll note the ones who do are the hams in most pics.

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Jake & Michelle's Winter Wedding

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Michelle is a very cute Chinese gal who got married this November 2009. Her wedding gown was simply breathing taking and best matched the cold brisk winter sunny afternoon in which wedding had started. She had the presence of an Ice Princess with fur shoulder stole, glittered tiara and satin gloves. Her soon to be husband, Jake, handsome man with glasses and of same height. They looked absolutely wonderful together!

Tis my second Chinese wedding, however, the first of an acquaintance I befriended since my stay at Guangya School.

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