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Sight-seeing in Chengdu

31 Jan - 3 Feb 2010

overcast 14 °C

Do pardon my delay in maintaining blog, but nothing too exciting was happening during January except toward the end of the month as to which I was anxious to leave the campus. However, three days before leaving I developed another allergy attack and by the time I arrived in Chengdu that Friday afternoon, I lost my voice entirely.

Mike, also a Guangya teacher, was so concerned for my well-being (bless his heart) that he urged that I visit the hospital. Now, the doctor didn't tell me anything new about my condition ... the examiner typed his diagnoses into the computer and the doctor then told me - what I already knew - I had laryngitis. She suggested that I return Saturday to see specialist, however, when we went, the physician informed us to come back Monday... Hospitals are really not that much no matter where you are in the world.

So that night, I did most of my communication with gestures, smiling to frowning and nodding. Also another Guangya teacher, an Australian, accompanied us as we went to dinner. We shared a delightful dish of sautéed garlic leafy greens, spicy oiled potato spuds, scallion broth soup ... Mike savored meat dish whilst the other and I devoured our vegetable delight.

As usual, I allowed myself to heal and my lungs began to detox; not a very pleasant experience, but by Wednesday afternoon, my voice returned and as for me, my old self... no doctor prescription, just self-healing.

I've made a short video of the adventures Mike and I shared, then added another with a friend, Christina, whom I met a few weeks before arriving to Chengdu. I trust you'll enjoy the scenery, tis time I added captions thus making a storytelling video ... and asian music to set the mood.

The weather has been chilly and China is in process of celebrating Spring Festival and New Year (14 Feb 10). Sam's Guest House is a quaint place to stay and very friendly with foreigners from all over. They not be an expensive place with lavish rooms and fancy service... one cannot beat their accommodation prices. They are located in the center of town, which means getting around is quite easy... however, taking the bus or simply walking is much faster than trying to flag a taxi, unless the hour is extremely early in the morning and the streets are empty (more information about Sam's later).

7 Feb 2010 Update.... finally was able to upload video.... sorry had to remove .flv version, unable to read captions, reloaded wmv version, hopefully more visual.

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Glad to know you’re feeling better. Unable to get into video; I’m blocked with my government computer, but still thinking about a home computer. My coworker is a computer guru, so maybe I’ll still get one. Let you know. Hang in there. Sam’s sounds like a nice place to rest your head….

by Linda

Hi There!
Gosh, you sure are having allergy issues. We always hear about how contaminated China is, I hope that you are simply experiencing natural allergy issues and not the result of some environmental contaminate. Our weather is typical Oregon rain/soggy/ overcast days, however, the temperature is warm for this time of year in the 50's vrs 40's which is more usual for this time of the year.

by Robin

Glad you are back to your old self. I'm sure your bout with laryngitis was frustrating. Sometimes the self cures are the best.

I sent Kirk a message and he phoned me back. He seems like a real nice guy and we agreed to meet at the Comic Book Convention this weekend to discuss his coming to work for us on audio. We need a good audio man badly. Low quality video is forgivable but not low quality audio. If you will lose your audience even for a second because they can't hear what an actor is saying you will never get them back. Let's hope things work out with Kirk. Thanks for putting him in touch with us.

by Nick

congratulations that you have gained your voice. And may God bless those who accompany and helped you.
I spend some time, reading carefully your stuff on the internet. And i think they are wonderful.

wish you had a happy vacation

by Robert

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