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Just a quick note...

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Been taking plenty of photos (so many to sort) in Chengdu before I have to say goodbye, which is one week and three days, and so little time in selecting.

Nevertheless, I had to share tis photo with all when awaken from the fireworks exploring loudly into the air. Locals were outside the hotel building and wherever else around the city, the skies were lit with sparked blossoms of streaming colorful lights.

Happy Chinese New Year! Xiannan Kuaile!!

chengdu post card

chengdu post card

PS, my website is completed... http://www.kayewho.com ....

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Sight-seeing in Chengdu

31 Jan - 3 Feb 2010

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Do pardon my delay in maintaining blog, but nothing too exciting was happening during January except toward the end of the month as to which I was anxious to leave the campus. However, three days before leaving I developed another allergy attack and by the time I arrived in Chengdu that Friday afternoon, I lost my voice entirely.

Mike, also a Guangya teacher, was so concerned for my well-being (bless his heart) that he urged that I visit the hospital. Now, the doctor didn't tell me anything new about my condition ... the examiner typed his diagnoses into the computer and the doctor then told me - what I already knew - I had laryngitis. She suggested that I return Saturday to see specialist, however, when we went, the physician informed us to come back Monday... Hospitals are really not that much no matter where you are in the world.

So that night, I did most of my communication with gestures, smiling to frowning and nodding. Also another Guangya teacher, an Australian, accompanied us as we went to dinner. We shared a delightful dish of sautéed garlic leafy greens, spicy oiled potato spuds, scallion broth soup ... Mike savored meat dish whilst the other and I devoured our vegetable delight.

As usual, I allowed myself to heal and my lungs began to detox; not a very pleasant experience, but by Wednesday afternoon, my voice returned and as for me, my old self... no doctor prescription, just self-healing.

I've made a short video of the adventures Mike and I shared, then added another with a friend, Christina, whom I met a few weeks before arriving to Chengdu. I trust you'll enjoy the scenery, tis time I added captions thus making a storytelling video ... and asian music to set the mood.

The weather has been chilly and China is in process of celebrating Spring Festival and New Year (14 Feb 10). Sam's Guest House is a quaint place to stay and very friendly with foreigners from all over. They not be an expensive place with lavish rooms and fancy service... one cannot beat their accommodation prices. They are located in the center of town, which means getting around is quite easy... however, taking the bus or simply walking is much faster than trying to flag a taxi, unless the hour is extremely early in the morning and the streets are empty (more information about Sam's later).

7 Feb 2010 Update.... finally was able to upload video.... sorry had to remove .flv version, unable to read captions, reloaded wmv version, hopefully more visual.

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Chinese New Year Picture cards

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A Jinan Friend sent me these Chinese New Year's cards in celebration for the Year of the Tiger.

Do enjoy as either as a desktop background or printout and give to family or friend.

I'm celebrating Chinese New Year in chengdu before I fly for Dalian, hopefully, to capture good photos... btw, Year of the Tiger starts 14 February!! I start my new job by this forth end of February beginning March 2010, I can hardly wait!

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Walking one's path into New Year 2010

... anxiously waiting to leave old school grounds...

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I had said my good-byes to my 2nd graders, and I was so surprised that certain students had expressed my leaving with their tears and hugs. I shall miss them too. During the last semester, every day when I waited patiently for my students to return from their exercise sessions, I was usually welcomed with their hugs of me being there. Each embrace was a genuine gesture of affection and I, with the same sincerity, expressed the same in return. I will truly miss them so very much.

Presently, I'm still on Guagya Campus with plans leaving the grounds at the end of January, and remain in Chengdu till my departure, or find a hostel in Dalian to stay before arriving at my new school by 24 Feb, I want to enjoy Festival as possible.

Granted, I'm slightly stressed for I had my request for bus transport into Chengdu and stay the night before flight since middle of November, and when I wanted to confirm my transportation 31 December, the scheduler was throwing a verbal fit. Again this week, I'm requesting for my transportation which Headmaster stated that I should have no problem in obtaining, but getting headache from the administrative portion.

Officially and technically, I've been free from school since last week, now I'm saving money and finishing whatever provisions remaining in tis apartment. Gee, four weeks remaining before I can really enjoy my full freedom from tis school grounds. Got to continue thinking positive and know that faith is on my side.

Before closing, my GF had sent me the following passage below in which I'll keep reminding myself everyday the best is yet to arrive.

The road to success is not straight. There is a curve called Failure, a loop called Confusion, speed bumps called Friends, red lights called Enemies, caution lights called Family. You will have flats called Jobs. But, if you have a spare called Determination, an engine called Perseverance, insurance called Faith, a driver called Jesus, you will make it to a place called Success.

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Dalian, Liaoning Province

My new teaching location

overcast 6 °C

Link provided is showing the sites and wonders of my new location Dalian http://www.echinacities.com/cityguide/dalian/index.aspx

I'll have a WONDERFUL time, surrounded by culture, dance, night clubs (still not a all-nighter), ballet, orchestra and books!!!! Plus I'll be near the BEACH!!!

woo hooo!

Truthfully, need I say more?

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